Green Valley located in the southeastern part of the city and is a perfect blend of city and nature.  One of the best things about Green Valley is that it’s committed to preserving the natural beauty of the area.  It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and desert landscapes.  Hiking and biking are just one of the outdoor activities to enjoy.  You will find plenty of events and activities to participate in, such as community clean-up projects, neighborhood block parties, and local festivals.

Green Valley prides itself with plenty of parks, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  It offers a variety of restaurants, shop’s and entertainment options.

It is an ideal location for living due to its remarkably low crime rate.  The community has a group of volunteers who manage a neighborhood watch program and work in collaboration with the police department to ensure that any suspicious activities or crimes are reported and dealt with immediately.

Green Valley is a great place to live with excellent schools.  They have magnet programs for science or the arts and plenty of private schools to choose from as well as the above average public schools.

Overall, Green Valley is a great place to live if you’re looking for a convenient location, beautiful scenery and a welcoming community.